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Bill Jones, Barbie Doll Makeover Artist

Written by Carmen Tonne

It is just hours ’till the upcoming Barbie Convention and I was remembering how lucky I was at last year’s Barbie Convention to be seated next to Bill Jones and watch him win so many amazing awards.   Last year was the first Barbie Convention and I had so much to learn about all the exciting things that go on every year at convention. I knew almost next to nothing about the Barbie Makeover Artist Awards contest or much about OOAK Fashion Dolls. The OOAK means one of a kind dolls if you were confused.

Can you imagine how amazed and excited I was for Bill Jones when he won all his awards at the convention last year? It was almost like three nights at the Academy Awards and I were sitting next to a major movie star that took home most of the Oscars.   At our table there was much conversation about the Barbie Bazaar Artists Awards Contest. I then found out that Bill was a finalist in these awards that Barbie Bazaar held in their magazine every year and presented at the Barbie Convention. Beyond that I had no idea that much more was going to happen.   Everyone at the table was talking about his Competition entry for the Barbie Convention this year. The lines had been long but I did get in to see his entry in the competition room. His 1800’s Millinery Shop was outstanding and when I found out it was Bill’s I was very much impressed and in awe. It tied for 1st place in the Competition and went on to win both Judges Choice and People Choice.


 In the Barbie Bazaar Artists Awards Contest, Bill won a Crystal Award for 1st Place in the Fantasy Category for his Snow Queen entry.   After more conversation at the table I found our that at last year’s 1999 Barbie Convention, Bill had  won a first place Crystal Award for his Tatiana from a “Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Fantasy Category of the Barbie Bazaar Artist Awards Contest.  His Attila the Hun also came in 2nd in the historical category of that contest.

candelabraThere was more excitement to come when on the finial night of the convention at the Artist’s OOAK Auction his Candelabra doll auctioned off for an amazing $1150. I believe the lucky winner was also seated at our table. At this year’s 2001 National Barbie Convention Bill is going to teach a class on making hats much like the one’s in his award winning Millinery Shop display. When I received the registration form for his workshop I did not waste any time getting it mailed back in. How could you not want to learn from such a talented person?



The Millinery Shop by Bill Jones

I am on several mailing lists with Bill and he has talked about the Millinery Workshop and a little about how he is going to be running it. I think the workshop is one of the things I am most excited about this year at convention.   Bill is so very helpful and talented. I have seen him help so many people on these fashion doll makeover lists. He is also very friendly and always offering to help. I have asked him for help on several occasions and he always helped me with various questions or problems. I believe Bill Jones already has a big following on the lists. He is a very popular guy and well liked by everyone.


This year I will be a Table Hostess at the 2001 National Barbie doll Convention for the members of my local  Austin Fashion Doll Club.  So, Bill will be sitting next to another lucky person. I will still be able to talk with Bill everyday if I need any help or advice through our mailing lists or by emailing him privately.   With the wonderful entries Bill Jones has in this year Barbie Bazaar Makeover Contest I am betting he will have another amazing year at the  2001 National Barbie Convention.  I am hoping this year will be even better than last year.   I hope to do a follow up article after the  Barbie Convention this year on Bill Jones. I have so much other stuff about him I would love to share with you.

  I will be arriving at  the 2001 National Barbie Convention Monday the 23rd at 6:am. I hope to meet some of you this year and share some of your exciting stories about the convention. Make sure you keep your eye on Bill Jones to see what exciting things do happen to him!  Visit to see more of his fabulous work.


Back From the National Barbie Convention


This is a continuation of my article on Bill Jones and the awards he has won. I was under the impression that the winners of the Barbie Bazaar Makeover Artists Awards contest would be announced at the convention this year and was surprised when they were not announced.

I knew Bill Jones had won a Crystal Award for his entry in the Bridal category. His entry was B9-(in the recent issue of Barbie Bazaar magazine), titled,“On Daddy’s Arm.”  He also received 2nd place for his entry in the Fantasy category,  F7- “Oberon.”  Of course, I got this information off the Internet when the winners were receiving their awards by Fed-Ex and not necessarily from Bill himself. I guess that should have been a clue that they were not going to be handing out this year’s award at the National Barbie Convention.

I think Barbie Bazaar magazine was planning a convention in Chicago this year called the Chicago Festival the FBMAA winners were going to be announced at that convention. For some reason that convention was canceled. It was too late for the winners to be announced at the 2001 Barbie Convention because there was a full schedule and no room to add anything else to the agenda.


Figure 1 “On Daddy’s Arm”

Here are pictures of Bill’s two winners in the FBMAA contest for the year 2001. Figure 1 Crystal Award 1st place in the Bridal Category. Figure 2 Oberon 2nd place in the Fantasy category.



Figure 2 “Oberon”

Bill Jones has a background in the arts that some of us can only dream about. He has been with the San Francisco Opera for over twenty years as a make-up artist. He has also worked on some very impressive movies on the big screen. He worked on the costumes for the movie’s “Beach Blanket Babylon” and “In the Shadow of the Stars.” He has even been a make-up artist for Placido Domingo and various other stars. Bill has not only worked in the movies but was also the art director for a TV Station for ten years.

Bill recently retired from San Francisco State University where he taught in the Theater Arts Department for twenty-five years. He is a member of the San Francisco Fashion Doll Club. Bill was born in New York City, but raised in New England. He was educated in private schools on the East Coast. He moved to Arizona to attend college. Bill started playing with puppets in grade school and maybe that is what inspired him to do the fabulous work he does today. His father studio was next to Madame Alexander’s and that also provided him with materials to make costumes for his puppets.

When World War 11 broke out Madame Alexander left the county and stored the items in her studio with Bill’s father. After the war Madame Alexander returned but she could not afford to pay Bill’s father for storing her things, in return she gave him boxes of dolls and everything that a future doll artist could ever wish for. 

Bill has two children Kimmerie and Nicholas. A few years ago Bill had a liver transplant. When he was recovering his daughter Kimmerie brought him Jim Faraone’s makeover artist’s books along with Barbie Bazaar and Millers magazine. When Bill was fully recovered Kimmerie asked him to make her a doll that could go with her Bob Mackie’s “Masquerade Barbie.”  I guess we all have Kimmerie to thank because this is where Bill started in his fashion doll makeovers. I can’t wait to see what Bill Jones does next.


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